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Until now this strategy has been reserved for Elite Traders only, with large accounts. The fact is however the method works on simple principles that apply just as well to small-account traders.

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BOOK REVIEW by mainjc

Right after purchasing the Best Option Strategy Ever I read it start to finish in one sitting. I enjoyed it so much I then read it again. For over 10 years I've traded options and the method shown in Best Option Strategy Ever can be defined in one word: Brilliant. Bunney's book reads as though he were right there with me.

The methodology he describes is simple, effective and profitable. I had presupposed this book would be explaining some sort of buy-write strategy, which I know does not consistently work. This was not the case at all: Bunney's method was groundbreaking to me as it is consistently profitable and virtually eliminates any risk exposure.

I am still a bit in awe I had not surfaced such a method myself over the years. Thank you for providing individuals like me with a top method we can confidently keep in our arsenal of profitable tools.

By mainjc (Posted on Lulu.com)


David Bunney, The Lifestyle Mentor™, has written a great book on investing! Best Option Strategy Ever hooked me from the very first sentence:

“Typically, option trading is made out to be something very complicated and hard to learn.”

I thought, well, yeah, isn’t it?

As it turns out, not so much! At least not when it’s being explained in laymen’s terms by an industry insider. Bunney lays out a surprisingly simple approach to option trading that even someone like me (who doesn’t know a share from an option from a commodity) can understand.

David’s all about teaching people how to change their lifestyles by using a simple three-part formula. It doesn’t only apply to investing: it seems like something you could apply just as well to whatever goal you had. I DO like the way he demystifies trading, though. He helps the reader sail past the intimidating terminology and get to the surprisingly simple heart of the matter. (And the fact that he encourages you to paper trade with his method first is great. That’s when you use an investing method, but you don’t actually use real money until you really get the hang of it.)

Another thing I like is the book’s totally conversational style. It’s like you’re sitting with the author in your living room, having a relaxed conversation. Reading Best Option Strategy Ever has cured my stock market phobia, and I’ll definitely be watching to see if Bunney comes out with another book.

Will – Option trading enthusiast

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