10 Years Edition Proof of Method Showcase

Tired of the options trading emotions?

Struggling to make consistent profit?

Secret RevealedThat was me for a very long time until out of frustration I decided to ask for help with a mindset open to learn. 

Fast-forward 10 years and 6 book publications, it is a privilege to finally present a decade of learning.

This eBook ‘Best Option Strategy Ever’ 10 Years Edition Proof of Method; showcases Options Trading results spanning 2011 to 2021. It even includes 18 monthly trades through the difficult COVID period as evidence of this robust, yet simple trading method.

This Special Edition demonstrates that profit would be generated if this one options trading method was applied at any time during these 10 years.

The BOSE Method™ is truly unique and defies the usual labels. It includes an actual snapshot case study of eight popular stocks in January of 2015 and 2017 and 2020. Further proof this works regardless of market conditions.

Also included in the book are feedback and comments from countless success testimonies and answers to frequently asked questions.

I know you’re thinking you must have seen this BOSE Method™ somewhere, especially if you have been on that emotional journey of huge wins and spectacular losses.

You see, here is the ugly truth. Unless your option trading account is between $110,000 and $1 Million, you certainly would not have been taught this strategy, and it would never have been mentioned in any regular trading course.

Elite Option Traders and their fund managers do things very differently, with considerably less risk than the average punter. Their entire mindset and methods are radically different, so too are their consistent results.

I do not claim to be a professional Option Trader, far from it, however back in 2011, I was mentored by a very distinguished fund manager for extremely large client accounts. I was taught how to use that very same system and apply it equally well to small accounts.

What is the BOSE Method™

This trading strategy is truly unique and defies the usual labels. It shares some characteristics with calendar spreads, LEAPS, diagonal spreads, and covered calls, however, is in fact, a hybrid of several methodologies. To me, it’s the “Holy Grail” of trading; for want of a better label, I just called it the “Best Option Strategy Ever.” I simply refer to as The BOSE Method™

Why does it work?

It works on the simple fact that the sum of smaller parts is always greater than the whole. Buying very long dated insurance to protect short term trading is the foundation. However, as I discovered it required an open mindset to accept its simplicity.
I assure you this is for real! My internet reputation of over a decade and personal integrity of my brand “Success Leaves a Trail®” stands solid.
In fact; I use this very case study in my teachings as the perfect example of what can be achieved if you have an open mind to accept new information and willing to learn from a Mentor, as I did!
If you want your trading emotional roller coaster to become fun! Get your copy now.

What is Included?

  • First you may view the Table of Contents here
  • The Mindset of Option Trading is emphasised in early chapters because of its critical relevance to achieving long term success.
  • Fundamental Option Trading terminology is discussed to clarify the context and meaning of certain elements of the BOSE Method™
  • Why this works so well in any market conditions offers insight into its foundations.
  • How it works and the mechanics of implementing it.
  • Step by Step guide to getting started, including where to find suitable Stocks and how to select the most suitable. (Includes the Authors favourites)
  • Actual case studies spaning 2011, 2015, 2017 and 2020. Analysis of potential earning if the BOSE Method was commenced at these dates.
  • Summary analysis of actual results
  • Paper Trading Worksheets prefilled with actual 2020, 2021 trading figures to show how to prove this for yourself by paper-trading.
  • Blank Paper Trading Worksheets and Stock selection Worksheet
  • Frequently Asked Questions from real traders using this method.
  • Ongoing education and Resources

Potential to earn 3% to 7% Return on Trade every Month!

The BOSE Method™ works regardless of market direction.

  • YES profit in any market conditions
  • YES trade only once per month 20 Min
  • YES paper Trade first and prove it yourself!
Best of all…It is easy to understand and                 implement with proven results!
  • NO NEED to constantly monitor the market!
  • NO NEED for complex analysis or charting!
  • NO NEED to worry about another global crash…you are fully protected!
  • No  Membership
  • No Subscriptions
  • No Software Purchase
  • No this is NOT Binary Options

Sent: Sunday, 8 March 2020 5:28 AM
To: David Bunney
Subject: BOSE

Hi David,

Hope you are doing well.The BOSE method is a great strategy.
I bought General Electric when it was at $30 just before it fell. Without the BOSE method I would be sitting on a depressing $20 loss per share at the moment.
The reason I love the BOSE method is I don’t have to worry about GE recovering back to $30 just to get back to break even. That could take years to happen.
I also love how it takes out all the emotion as I struggled with that for years and lost a lot of money as well. I was in a bad state of mind when it came to trading.

Thanks for sharing the BOSE method.

Thanks for your help.
Kind regards,

Tony C

Thanks for sharing the BOSE. I’ve been trading options for years and never heard of this strategy. Like you it frustrates you making money and then giving it back. I hated the inconsistency. Thanks again for sharing the BOSE method through your E Book. Kind Regards, Tony

Dear David: Thank you so much for sharing that strategy with us in your book. I just bought it yesterday and you just gave me the light that I was looking for. I was struggling trying to find a strategy with downside protection, but with my Job and family responsibilities I just could not do it. However, I knew that somehow, your strategy was in the matrix of options somewhere around. Thank you very much for sharing this light with us. I for sure will write to you to share my testimonial. Sincerely, Fabian

Hi David again. Just a update of my progress. You were spot-on about the helpful step-by-step guide for beginners, along with a useful worksheet. Thanks (By the way, I’ve now graduated from paper-trading to the real thing, and yes it works!) A side comment of how small the book is does not in any way diminish the true value that is delivered. Highly recommended! Thanks again for sharing. Joe

Right after purchasing the Best Option Strategy Ever I read it start to finish in one sitting. I enjoyed it so much I then read it again. For over 10 years I’ve traded options and the method shown in Best Option Strategy Ever can be defined in one word: Brilliant. Bunney’s book reads as though he were right there with me. The methodology he describes is simple, effective and profitable. I had presupposed this book would be explaining some sort of buy-write strategy, which I know does not consistently work. This was not the case at all: Bunney’s method was groundbreaking to me as it is consistently profitable and virtually eliminates any risk exposure. I am still a bit in awe I had not surfaced such a method myself over the years. Thank you for providing individuals like me with a top method we can confidently keep in our arsenal of profitable tools. By mainjc (Posted on Lulu.com)

David Bunney, The Lifestyle Mentor™, has written a great book on investing! Best Option Strategy Ever hooked me from the very first sentence: “Typically, option trading is made out to be something very complicated and hard to learn.” I thought, well, yeah, isn’t it? As it turns out, not so much! At least not when it’s being explained in laymen’s terms by an industry insider. Bunney lays out a surprisingly simple approach to option trading that even someone like me (who doesn’t know a share from an option from a commodity) can understand. David’s all about teaching people how to change their lifestyles by using a simple three-part formula. It doesn’t only apply to investing: it seems like something you could apply just as well to whatever goal you had. I DO like the way he demystifies trading, though. He helps the reader sail past the intimidating terminology and get to the surprisingly simple heart of the matter. (And the fact that he encourages you to paper trade with his method first is great. That’s when you use an investing method, but you don’t actually use real money until you really get the hang of it.) Another thing I like is the book’s totally conversational style. It’s like you’re sitting with the author in your living room, having a relaxed conversation. Reading Best Option Strategy Ever has cured my stock market phobia, and I’ll definitely be watching to see if Bunney comes out with another book. Will – Option trading enthusiast

Original Launch 2011

New Release 2014

Updated 2017

Now Released is the 2021 10 Years Edition