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David Bunney has a driving passion for helping people reach their full potential and achieve the lifestyle of their choice.

He is an International Best-selling Author, accomplished educator, speaker and mentor based in Perth, Western Australia. David studied business and entrepreneurship at Edith Cowan University and continues business and professional study to remain on the cutting edge of technology and business innovation. He holds board positions with several organisations including a public research and development company.

Through his travels, he facilitates training workshops for entrepreneurs, corporate clients and government agencies. His acclaimed unique style of delivering education based on real-life experience, includes the topics of professional development, business planning and marketing. David serves as a mentor to start-up business owners and is credited with countless success testimonials.

He is a sort after Enrichment Speaker delivering Lifestyle and Business topic lectures and is regularly engaged by the cruise line industry including lectures for the Royal Caribbean larger ships.

In his career, he has personally pioneered well over a dozen startup business ventures, spanning the industries of oil and gas, mining, hospitality, property development, e-commerce, technology, advertising, marketing, training and education.

David is an active participant in community service with Rotary International. His tenacity and commitment have led to many accomplishments, earning him respect and admiration from the community and peers. He is particularly devoted to promoting youth leadership.

David’s primary focus as an educator and mentor reflects a personal and ongoing passion. Offering a warm blend of integrity and willingness to help others help themselves, he makes himself available to anyone who shares his passion, excitement, and vision for achieving success.

Further information about David Bunney, is available at www.DavidBunney.com


My story is not terribly dramatic, and is certainly not exciting enough to provide the screenplay for a feature movie. Nonetheless, I’ve had my ups and downs. The story of how I became a successful investor became the subject for the book, “Best Option Strategy Ever” taught to me from my mentor.

The most valuable lesson I learnt was to ask questions, “Think like a scientist who questions everything” He said. So many sources of information feed us daily it can have the unfortunate effect of numbing our natural curiosity.

Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, blogs, e-zines just to name a few. We live and work in in a state of perpetual information overload. How much of that information do you really need? How much is actually relevant to our life? When I realised I could filter out some of the noise and connect with only the information relevant and helpful to my journey, life improved dramatically.

I traded on and off for twenty years on an emotional roller-coaster cycle of huge windfall profits and spectacularly crashing losses. I read about the trading choices available, and tried them all: share trading, FOREX, commodities, options, and some others I should not have tried as I had no clue whatsoever how they even worked (or in my case, often failed to work).

I knew that self-education was the key to becoming a successful trader, and it certainly helped me somewhat; however, it was at a particular low point, I realised I needed to ask for help. That didn’t come naturally; a common trait of the male species perhaps.

Isn’t it amazing? When the student is ready, the teacher suddenly appears.

Frustrated by the brick walls I kept hitting, I researched a trading study course that included a mentor. Yes, a real person! A caring individual who would actually sit down with me, give me guidance, and answer my questions. A professional coach who would allow me to learn at my own pace yet encouraged and challenges me. What a great feeling that was!

You may ask, “So, did I stop making mistakes?” No; if anything, I actually made more of them for a while, however not so costly. I learnt that a mentor’s role is not to hold the student’s hand or do their home-work. Mentors enable a journey of self-discovery and learning.

Now, some people reading this will choke when I say I paid $5,000 dollars in advance for that experience. Others know that was relatively cheap. For me, it turned out to be the best investment of my life.

The lifelong value of that one investment has been incalculable for me and my family. And now I have the pleasure of teaching it to others. You can’t put a price tag on the deep sense of satisfaction that brings.

So where am I today with option trading? Yes still trading, using a consistent conservative approach most would not have the patience to follow. I have written the eBook “Best Option Strategy Ever” on this one particular method. Although it really is just my way of expressing gratitude to those who have helped me, and a chance to pass on what I’ve learnt to others. I also use it as a true case study example of the value of a Mentor.

Yes, there are many fine examples of consistent successful traders, and I personally know many of whom use this vehicle to secure his or her lifestyle of choice.

Speculation is certainly one method used to create wealth. I’m not convinced it should be stand-alone and advocate serious consideration to a portfolio of balanced security.